Hello my name is Gregg Beger I’m 48 yrs old and I’m celebrating my 5 yr anniversary as a gastric bypass patient. This is my story.

You see I was a very obese guy at one time, and my life was a living hell. I decided that my quality of life had to change. I went through it and had the gastric bypass surgery. It went very well,lots of weight began to drop off initially I joined a gym but found myself not seeing any results. That was until about a year ago when I found and joined Hurricane Training with Master Trainer and owner Mr Andy Hamade.

He took me on as a one on one client and little did I know how my life was going to change for the better. Andy trained me to get me to where I am now.

His professionalism and expertise in martial arts, fitness, nutrition and all around well being is amazing.

Not only did Andy help me with my physical appearance but also mentally as we’ll. He is a born leader in his craft. The help and motivation he has given me will make me achieve and accomplish my hopes and goals. I’m almost at my ideal goal weight now and I’m never looking back. I’m the happiest I’ve ever been and my outlook on life is great.
Andy has shown me, taught me and given me the tools to not only be the best I can be but also to be a better person and to try to help and motivate others who had similar problems as myself.
He has changed my life in so many ways and I will always and forever be indebted to him.
Andy I am forever grateful.

Thank you.
Gregg B