I’ve been doing Hurricane Training for a year and a half and have had great results. Classes are never boring and always challenging.  The atmosphere is very motivating and provides lots of personal attention.  Andy knows everyones name and remembers what size weights you’re using and increases them at the right time (whether you think you’re ready or not).  I love the high fives!


Before joining Hurricane Training I had never worked out at a gym or other fitness club. It had been nearly 15 years since I played organized sports, so suffice to say I wasn’t all that sure what I was getting into. However, after my first 3 classes I was hooked. I noticed immediate results after 2 weeks. After that, I increased my routine and began attending 3-4 boot camps per week, and within 6 months I had tripled the weight I was lifting on a regular basis at Hurricane. A year later, I’ve converted much of my body fat to muscle and have gained 10 pounds. The beauty of Andy’s program is that it is tailored to push you, but it works at all fitness levels, so a beginner can work out alongside a bodybuilder and both will get equally challenged. In addition to the visual benefits (losing weight, gaining muscle tone, etc.), Hurricane training provides an outlet to relieve stress, improve balance, clear your mind, and of course get out some aggression! The slogan “it’s not pain, it’s progress” says it all!

Dante Pecile

I have been struggling with weight my whole life.I invested a lot of time and money in trainers at commercial gyms in the past where I quickly lost interest and got bored of the same boring circuit they do for everyone and never saw the results I was looking for. 4 months ago I called Andy and spoke to him about what my goals were. Andy always pushes me and motivates me to keep going even when I’m tired and don’t think I can go anymore. Every day is different which keeps me motivated and dedicated. 4 months later I have achieved results greater than I thought possible I have lost 35lbs, my energy, confidence and strength have increased, I look and feel better than ever before. I am in the best shape of my life and now think of fitness as a part of my lifestyle and not something I have to push myself to do. Andy is by far the best trainer his knowledge and expertise make him one of a kind. He is definately a blessing! Thank you Andy for changing my life in a positive way!


“I have never felt stronger, leaner or more confident with any other workout I have ever done than I do with Hurricane training. Andy’s motivation is awesome and keeps me coming back for more great results.”